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GOodhousekeeping article


This is an article Sharon wrote about her young nephew's diagnosis of a rare leukemia in 1993, his bone marrow transplant, and some of the experiences they had along the way to finding his bone marrow donor. His bone marrow transplant was successful, and 25 years later his story still inspires. Her nephew was and is truly a miracle. This article was published in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1999. 












Column about inspiring teacher

This is a popular column Sharon wrote for The Cary News that she wrote when she found out about the death of her favorite high school teacher. She uses this plus a video of her teacher being interviewed in a speech she gives to PTAs, school faculties, and other educational groups. This document includes the column plus comments from the principal and a few teachers about a speech that Sharon gave to their school based upon this column.  

Award-winning Newspaper columns for The Cary News







Columns About Bobby SHerman/Teen IdolS

Fiction in News & Observer


Bluebirds Fly is a short story Sharon wrote based on the experience of her mother growing up in the North Carolina tobacco fields in 1939, trying to keep her dreams alive -- with the help of the movie, The Wizard of Oz. 





















Poems sharon wrote for blue mountain arts greeting cards

Award certificate for a short story Sharon wrote for a writing contest at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs, CO, 2003. 

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