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Lyric Writing

Sharon has co-written with several local (Raleigh, NC) artists, including the ones listed below. She is primarily a lyricist, although she has contributed to a few melodies, also. Sharon loves the creative and revision process of songwriting, as each writer brings their life experience to the table. She is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association and has recently been working with co-writers in that organization.

Brooke Hatala

Just Hold MeBrooke Hatala
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Sharon started writing with Brooke Hatala in 2017 when Brooke was a high school student, & they wrote Just Hold Me (on left) together. Brooke is now a graduate of Belmont University and is making great progress in pursuing her music career in Nashville! Some of their songs are listed on the left. They also worked with producers Billy Smiley and Ed O'Donnell (no relation) in creating these songs. Brooke's Spotify

More Than This sung by Brooke Hatala with Brennan SmileyBrooke Hatala
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Stars Brooke Hatala
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Different from the Rest RevisedBrooke Hatala
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Brooke was asked by ASCAP to perform at the iconic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville in December of 2017. She performed five songs, including an acoustic version of "Stars", one of the songs which Sharon co-wrote. Sharon was with Brooke and her mom at the Bluebird and was incredibly honored to have Brooke sing one of the songs they wrote together. An amazing experience. 

                Brooke singing at the

          Bluebird Cafe in 2017

Brooke recorded our first song at Dark Horse Studios outside of Nashville, and Sharon loved visiting there with her and producer Billy Smiley and meeting some of the fabulous artists who record there. 

Chad Lister

Copyright, 2017

It's the Inside that Counts - Chad Lister, co-written by Sharon O'Donnell
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Also in 2017, Sharon worked with Chad Lister of Osceola Studios in Raleigh (along with owner Dick Hodgin) on two demo songs. She wrote the lyrics and discussed the music in great detail with Chad, and he and Dick produced the two songs:  an upbeat country song called "It's the Inside that Counts" and a heartfelt slow song about a relationship that is coming to an end called "How Does it Go?"  


"It's the Inside that Counts" (copyrighted) is on the top track on the left. 

"It's the Inside that Counts" was selected by WQDR radio station, 94.7, in Raleigh, NC as a featured song on its Carolina Homegrown Series in August of 2017. 

"How Does It Go?" (copyrighted) is the second track. Also performed by Chad. This song has since been edited to be much shorter with changes in the first verse and chorus changes so that the chorus ends with not remembering the song the couple first danced to. 

How Does It Go? - Chad Lister, co-written by Sharon O'Donnell & Chad Lister
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Reese Mayfield

Where the Bluebirds WentReese Mayfield
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One of the artists who Sharon has been working with most recently is a young Raleigh artist named Reese Mayfield. Sharon heard Reese sing on a Youtube video and knew that some lyrics she had written would fit perfectly with Reese's voice. Sharon shared the 'vibe' she was looking for with the melody, and Reese came up with the perfect sound for the song. It's called Where the Bluebirds Went. 

Tracy Richardson

Still Wearing Your RingTracy Richardson
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Sharon's husband passed away unexpectedly in April of 2023. She and songwriter/artist Tracy Richardson of Terre Haute, IN wrote Still Wearing Your Ring to capture some of the emotions of being someone's wife for 35 years and to then be alone.

Sharon has lots of lyrics looking for melodies and creative co-writes! Contact her at  

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